Dr. Chris Chung-Kei Lai is an assistant professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology ( department profile). He is also a guest scientist of the Extreme Fluids Team, physics division P-23, at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA.

His expertise is on the design and control of the transport/exchange of contaminants and nutrients in water/air bodies and across the interface between the two. This transport/exchange is heavily governed by the turbulence presence inside the fluid. His group uses and develops experimental methods to study the dynamic interplay between turbulent flows and their surroundings and continuum mechanics for the development of predictive models of turbulence.


  • Experimental Fluid Mechanics
  • Turbulent Mixing and Transport
  • Turbulence Theory and Modeling


  • PhD in Civil Engineering, 2015

    Texas A&M University

  • MPhil in Civil Engineering, 2009

    The University of Hong Kong

  • BEng in Civil Engineering, 2007

    The University of Hong Kong